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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All our silver jewellery product are made with the highest silver grade which is 925 Sterling Silver. "925" stands for 92.5% pure silver content.
Yes. We offer two online paying methods: Paypal and 24pay. Both of these payment gateways use high-level of security for their customers. Also we secure our complete website with an HTTPS encryption protocol, which protects all your data for being misused or stolen. Same goes for the websites of Paypal and 24pay.
No. All4silver is an online jewellery wholesaler for professionals and we sell to retailers, wholesalers and chain stores. The minimum amount of 99€ is one of our order conditions that can't be changed. We do not require any minimum quantity per design, but to finish your order you must have 99€ (without VAT) or more worth of jewellery in your cart.
Yes. We are an officially registered jewellery wholesaler with as main selling portail our eshop website: www.all4silver.com. We work with several jewellery manufacturers. Also our jewellery are regularly tested in order to fulfill EU and US regulations & legal standards. Our headquarters are located in Slovakia.
On our website you can pay through Paypal (Paypal Account or Credit Card) or through our local payment gateway 24pay, PayU for Credit & Debit cards. Also we accept Bitcoin payments. Alternatively you can pay by Bank transfer. Note that we will process your order only when you transfer is confirmed by our bank. Also in Slovakia and Romania we offer in addition a Cash-on-delivery option handled by our GLS courier, which allows you to pay the courier directly the day of the delivery.
We perfectly understand that you need to check our product quality for your business and your customers. This is also the reason why we offer a very low minimum order of 99€, so that you can do a risk-free sample order and test the quality of our silver, crystal, zirconia stones and many more.
Yes. We have a discount plan starting from 999€, where you will get 10% discount, going to 4'999€ where you will get 20% discount.
All our articles displayed on our website are in stock and will be prepared within 4-5 days after payment confirmation. Shipping then can take from 1 to 4 days depending on your country of residence. Depending on stamping regulations it can happen that your order needs special stamp of the Slovak authority which might increase the delivery time by 1 or 2 days. Overall, from the moment you place the order, you need to count from 7 to 10 working days to get your order.
We do offer a large collection of stainless steel jewellery. We have most types of jewellery available with Preciosa crystals, zirconia stones, semi-precious stones or water pearls. We also offer jewellery in Titanium, mostly rings for men and Ear Studs for women
Yes. We keep the selected items in your cart even after logging out. Please note that although these items will still be in your cart, there will be reserved for you only after finishing and paying your order. In can therefore happen that when returning on our website, some items may not be available in original selected quantities or out-of-stock.
Yes. On customer's demand we will send you per email and for free, pictures in High Definition of all items you've ordered to support your marketing & sales activities.
It depends. For product development in steel material, there is a big change that we can handle it for you but it will depends on the project complexity. For new design in silver, we used to offer that service, but currently we do not offer it anymore. Nevertheless do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to review your project and see if/how we could produce your design.
On each ring items we show the available size based on European size standards. Some rings do not have a size provided which means the size is either adjustable or for Midi Rings or Toe Rings the size are standard: 45 EU size (3.5 US). We do have a page for ring size comparison and measurement tool that you can find on the bottom of our website.
Yes. We do offer a special customer tool that you can find into your account under the section "All my items". You will there see a list of all items you have ever order. By unticking the box "in stock" you will also see your ordered items that are not in stock currently, by clicking then on "Email me when back in stock" you will automatically get an email informing that this item is back in stock and ready to be purchased. Please find our tutorial at the bottom of the website called "How to easily reorder".
No. All our silver jewellery are nickel-free according to EU and US regulations.
Yes. All our jewellery are marked with the silver quality stamp "925". There are a few exceptions, mostly children bracelets, on which this stamp would ruin the jewellery, but 99.9% of our silver products got the "925" stamp testifying the quality of the silver used.
Yes, under certain conditions. If you wish to order more than available you will need to place a so called "Production order", which must fulfill the following conditions: 200pieces/pairs per design for a total amount of 2'500€. Production time will be 10-12 weeks, for more information please Contact us.
E-coating as an electrical process that applies a ultra thin layer of anti-corrosion material, similar to plastic which prevents to item to tarnish quickly and preserves the shininess of the silver.
Crystal is a transparent material that comes from glass and that can be glued or handmade set. Zirconia is the synthetic version of Diamonds available in 10 colors. The zirconia stones are all handmade set on the jewellery using different techniques. The most common is prong setting, but use for certain items bezel setting and channel setting as well.
Our offices are located in Slovakia which is part of Europe, therefore if you are located in the Euro zone, there won't be any additional fees for importing our products. If your business is located outside Europe, than local import duties might occur, which are defined by your local import regulations.
If you have a valid VAT/Tax Nr. please provide it into your account, and you will be able to place an order without tax. Note that if your business is located in Slovakia, we will have to charge you the VAT regardless on your professional status.
No, we are working directly with our professional customers (retailers). If you need jewellery from us, we will be your only contact, there are no local distributor or agent, and we don't give exclusivity to any country or customer.
Silver is a natural product that reacts with elements in the air: hydrogen. Many people think that silver tarnishing is due to the oxidation effect, but it is not correct because silver is not considered a reactive material. It does not react with oxygen or water at room temperature.
Cleaning regularly your jewellery with polishing cloth will keep them shiny all time. It's important to use a cloth that is 100% cotton, ideally infused with a cleaner and anti-tarnish agent. The same cloth goes for Gold jewellery as well.