Privacy Policy   

All4silver as online merchant is paying a major attention to customers data and privacy. None of your data will be given, sold or used for third party purposes.
All4silver will only use this information for our own professional use and customer identification.

All data collected with exclusively be used by All4silver SK s.r.o for promotional purposes and to help customer with adapted solutions for his business.All4silver strictly follows the new EU GDPR policies about customer data to enforce customer trust and protect personal information.

Data protection principles

Personal data must be processed according to the six data protection principles:

• Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently

• Collected only for specific legitimate purposes

• Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary

• Must be accurate and kept up to date

• Stored only as long as is necessary

• Ensure appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality.

Privacy rights of individuals

Individuals’ rights are enhanced and extended in a number of important areas:

• The right of access to personal data through subject access requests.

• The right to correct inaccurate personal data.

• The right in certain cases to have personal data erased.

• The right to object.

• The right to move personal data from one service provider to another (data portability).

In case you have any question about this please contact us or by phone: +421 911 441 440